Just want your business to take off and fly?

If you’re working for yourself, whether alone, in partnership or as part of a small company, you’ll know success is down to you! It starts with being passionate about what you do – and that’s a great start – but it’s not enough….

You can have the best product or service in the world
but if people don’t understand how it can help them, or care,
no one benefits.  
Including you.

Communicating clearly with your prospects and customers about the transformation you provide is key – and it’s not just about the words you use but your whole online set up.

So let me ask you…

Are you struggling to explain what you do?

Is it difficult to simplify all you offer?

Do you need more sign ups, sales or referrals?

Are you just not making the impact or the income you want?

Did your last advertising campaign or promotion flop?

Are you ready to set up or overhaul your website?

If so, it’s time to take a fresh look at how you communicate, on your website and in your marketing materials and campaigns.

I’ve been working in marketing communications for more years than I care to remember. My skill is in helping you to get your conversations with prospects and customers clear and concise, so they can and do take action. I support you to:

Stand out from the crowd – get your messaging crystal clear so prospects and customers love to say ‘yes’ and you have more sign ups and sales.

Truly connect with your audience – show the transformation you offer by structuring your products and services so people get to know, like and trust you as well as understand, value and want what you do.

Earn what you deserve with happy, satisfied, loyal, referring customers – by following up properly so your customers have everything they want and need and you don’t leave money on the table.

It all starts with getting your messaging right – but so many get it wrong!

Find out the most common mistakes people make with their marketing messages and how to fix them quickly, easily and at no cost in this 



Obviously there’s only so much I can share in a free mini training, so if you’re determined to make a success of your online business and feel I could help you get more sign ups, sales and satisfied customers, consider working with me – click ‘work with me’ at the top of the site to browse the services I offer.

Some people are interested in knowing about me…. 


Hello – I’m Sue never been keen on photos so forgive the pic (and the shades)!

My career in marketing communications began in 1985. Since then I’ve worked offline, online, in agencies, in-house, in the private and public sectors, in large departments (including government), small businesses, in partnership and on my own.

I’ve communicated about most things from trucks, land reclamation, healthcare records and information technology, manhole covers (I know!) and glass bottles (…ah, the glamour!) to skincare and complementary therapies, personal development, Taoism and wellbeing.

Strategic or ‘smart’ communications is what floats my boat  thinking through in advance why you need the conversation, the outcome you want and the best way to achieve that outcome.

About 10 years ago I began working exclusively online. Since then I’ve consulted on, developed, launched and /or marketed a whole host of online products, services and training courses for household names in the personal development industry.

Clients have included Stephen Russell, The Barefoot Doctor and John C Parkin, author of the worldwide best-selling F**k It books, as well as respected publishing houses Hay House UK and Watkins Publishing. I’ve also worked with online digital agency ROAR Local’s clients in industries as diverse as property, online trading and investing and business mentoring.

Projects have included every aspect of live and recorded, video, audio and text-based  online training courses; copywriting, content creation and membership sites; planning and delivering online workshops, retreats and meditation sessions; and a variety of promotions, campaigns and webinar series.

I love working with individuals and small businesses who want to make a difference. I help people like them (and you) get your marketing communications set up properly so prospects and customers take action, your website works and your business grows.

I’m based in Yorkshire where we’re all friendly and not afraid of giving down to earth, honest advice!  So if you need marketing communications help – please don’t be afraid to ask.

I offer online trainings, 1-2-1 support or a done for you service.

Click ‘Work with me’ at the top or the buttons below for full details or be in touch by email at letstalk@sueokell.com

May your business fly and your sign ups, sales and satisfaction soar!


How much support do you need?

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Personalised help and accountability – as much as you choose

Everything set up with and for you – fastest route to success