Margaret Collins, Coach

“I’ve been working with Sue for a number of months. She quickly saw the potential for turning my workshop content into online courses.

“I was familiar with the ideas and concepts of ‘the customer journey’, ‘the marketing funnel’ and ‘benefits v features’ from working with other marketing coaches – but what’s different about Sue is how she engages with my content and reflects it back to me.

“That means I see how those phrases relate to the actual experience of my prospects and customers – what will work and what I need to improve.

“As a result of our time together I have a real excitement about the courses I’m creating and a new understanding of how I can not only repurpose my content in different ways, but package and price products and services appropriately and put in place the technical ‘back-end’ magic that makes everything work smoothly behind the scenes for my customers (and me).”


Jo Lal, Publisher

“Sue consulted with us at Watkins Publishing, providing valuable strategic advice for a best-selling author’s product launch. And in my time as marketing director at Hay House UK she organised and ran webinars with some of our biggest names. I would not have entrusted that job to her if she hadn’t been extremely capable, professional and personable.”

Watkins Publishing
[Former Marketing Director Hay House]

John C Parkin & Gaia Pollini, ‘F**k It’ Authors

“We’re John & Gaia. We created the whole ‘F**k It’ thing.

“We come from a books, retreats and workshops background, so we’ve been working with Sue for years in developing our online offering.

“For example, she was a partner in setting up our first ever full-on online course ‘Living the F**k It Life’, looking after every detail of the behind-the-scenes work (it was great to just turn up and do the webinars, knowing that Sue was looking after everything else).

“Sue has a wide range of skills in the online marketing area. She knows exactly what’s going on in that world TODAY (and that’s important, as that’s usually different from what was going on yesterday).  She then applies her strong strategic marketing thinking to the problem before looking at today’s and tomorrow’s solutions.

“Sue is always friendly and professional. We have always trusted her implicitly to make things happen smoothly, on time and to a high standard.  She’s always there if you need your hand holding (rather often in this game) or reassuring about something.“What I like about her approach is that it’s certainly not the ‘bish, bosh, bash slap it up quick regret it later’ style of marketing.

“Sue helps you think everything through and focus on what’s important for your customers and your business. She’s not afraid to give you down to earth advice and she understands the sometimes complicated behind the scenes stuff that makes everything work.

“All in all, Sue is our go-to online marketing person, and we’re still absorbing the strategic advice she gave us in our last get-together (over a roast).”


Judith Morgan – The Small Business Oracle

“I run a number of online coaching and mentoring groups to support solopreneurs and small businesses. Sue helped me launch Club 100 for creative entrepreneurs. I provided the content I wished to communicate and she masterminded a launch plan. She came up with the marketing concept to fit with my style and ran everything behind the scenes for the launch.  It was all very professional and easy.”


Fiona Barr, Corporate Governance Advisor

“I’ve worked with Sue for many years. She is a highly skilled strategic marketing communicator. She always writes appropriately for the audience and is able to turn often complex and sometimes technical information into plain English, so people truly understand and are able to take informed action.”

Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Roy Jeans, Chief Executive Officer

“I have worked with Sue on a number of occasions in my capacity as a non-executive director, particularly on some media planning assignments. Sue brings great strategic skills to any project, and her ability to see the bigger picture is greatly valued. She can quickly identify the key issues that need resolving and can then suggest the best route forward to solve them. She does this with great energy, and with real humour. Sue is a great team member, and I would recommend her without reservation.”

Grey Scorpion – Investment Fund